4 Great Reasons to Buy Genuine Parts

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1. Genuine Parts

Why buy Alliance Laundry Systems Genuine Parts? We've been manufacturing laundry equipment since 1908, and we know what makes for the best performance and reliability in our products. That's why we make no distinction between original parts and replacement parts. We offer only Genuine Parts the same parts built into every product in our factory.

Parts Inspection

Comprehensive, Precise, Extensive

Following an intial inspection, Alliance Laundry Systems parts go through a comprehensive testing process. From state-of-the-art precision testing to extensive machine-life test labs, our quality control team has developed an ISO-certified quality system to provide you with the highest quality products.

2. Warranty

One year, Industry-leading, Trusted

Because our parts are made from quality materials and engineered specifically for our products, we confidently provide a one-year warranty on all parts. Other parts sources typically offer only a 30 to 90 day warranty. When you purchase Alliance Laundry Systems parts, you can trust you are buying a Genuine Part that is backed with an industry-leading warranty.

3. No Imitations

Parts Engineering

Efficient, Durable, Precise

Our engineering team uses efficient designs, durable materials, and precise specifications to ensure correct fit, form, and function for each part in every product. When you use Alliance Laundry Systems Genuine Parts, you get the highest level of technical expertise, attention to detail, and quality of work.

Machine Integrity

Compatible, Genuine, Reliable

You can trust that Alliance Laundry Systems Genuine Parts are compatible and reliable. Replacement parts from other sources may cost less up front but are not designed and manufactured specifically for Alliance Laundry Systems equipment. They may also damage other more costly components or disable safety feautures.

4. Your Distributor

Experience, Trusted, Responsive

An authorized Alliance Laundry Systems distributor not only stands behind every Genuine Part sold, but also is experienced in servicing your products and can quickly respond to your needs. Your authorized Alliance Laundry Systems distributor has Genuine Parts in stock or can get the parts to you the next day.